Tag Thursday – Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Am I the only one who doesn’t really have a bucket list?

To be honest, I don’t think I have anything much that I want to specifically do in life before I die…besides read all the books in existence which is impossible. Sadly. Anyways, at least I can share with you a few books that you should probably add to your “read-before-I-die” bucket list. If you have such a list.

Many thanks to the lovely Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea for tagging me!! Definitely go check out her blog and her posts, because they are amazing and I promise that you will not be disappointed.


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The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Ok, I wouldn’t suggest you add this to your “read-before-I-die” list. It’s pretty meh, but it is the kind of book that you read just for the sake of reading something funny and light.

I was left feeling disappointed by this. It was good, funny, and I really liked Clare, but that was pretty much it. I guess there are different types of introverts, but to me, Nina was a lot braver and more extroverted than me. And I felt like this book was trying ot cover too many subplots, without really doing one very well. There was so much potential with the family drama with her dad’s family that could have been explored more, or maybe it could have focused on the trivia aspect, or just done the bookshop disaster very well.

But it’s still a fun and lighthearted book. I would recommend you add this to your “read-for-some-laughs” list.

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

I think this one had a decent amount of hype. I’m pretty sure it did, and I just ignored it, until I heard that it was similar to Six of Crows, and that SΓ©verin and Kaz could be friends and I added it to my TBR without a second thought. Okay, I did check out the synopsis and stuff first, but still…

This was good. Not a spectacular-took-my-breath-away kind of good, but a I-loved-the-riddles-and-some-of-the-characters kind of good. Hypnos, Zofia, and Enrique were my favorite characters, and I loved the relationships between all of them. The riddles were super interesting, but the heists themselves weren’t really amazing. Basically, this book was good, but could have been much better.

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Now this is a book that you need to add to your “read-before-I-die” list. I will never stop screaming about how amazing this book is, because it is truly amazing.

The friendships between Tess and Vivvie, and Asher and Henry are amazing, and I love how there is no possible hint of a romance between any of them. It’s all absolutely platonic, and sweet. Asher is the annoying mischievous guy who cares about everyone, Vivvie is a precious ray of sunshine and happiness, and Tess and Henry are the serious and threatening geniuses who do everything to protect everyone close to them.

I loved it the first time I read it, I loved it again when I first re-read it, and I loved it a third time when I did my 2nd re-read. This book is amazing you guys, and I plan on writing a better review than what last-year-me wrote, but in the meanwhile, I highly suggest you add it to your TBR!! If you go read it right now, that’s even better!!! But I won’t push it

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This book didn’t just warm my heart. It broke it.

The story of Liesel, Max, Papa, Mama, Rudy, oh that saukerl Rudy, was one that brought a huge smile to my face. Because even though Liesel and her family they are in the middle of a war, even though they are trying to hide the fact that they don’t support the Fuhrer, even though they are hiding a Jew in their basement, they still lived and they were still happy at times.

As the story progressed, and Liesel got older and joined Rudy on all his mischievous adventures, I tried to hope that nothing bad would happen, that the war didn’t exist. Mama and her insults, Papa and his accordion, Max and his stories, Liesel and her books, Rudy and his shenanigans, they all made this book into a nice warm hug that I didn’t want to end or break.

And then that ending happened. This book filled my heart with these beautiful stories and people, and then it ended by shattering everything.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Emoni is defintiely a talented chef, and I loved reading about her and her family, and the culinary arts class at her school. The relationships between her and Buela, Babygirl, Angelica, and Malachi was super sweet and I really liked how she narrated the story.

Emoni didn’t make food that just tasted or looked amazing. She made food that brought back memories, that told a story, that went into your soul and brought out all your feelings. I loved her creativity, and the fire that she used to prepare everything she made.

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Honestly, I wasn’t really jumping for joy, figuratively or really, about this, or about any book in general, but I do remember that I was seriously excited to hear that JLB was publishing a new series last year. And that’s how I read Little White Lies.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember what happened in this book at all. But I gave it 4 stars, so hopefully it was some good. The next book in the series was actually published last month, and since it’s JLB, I want to read it, but I’ll probably have to re-read Little White Lies first so that I know what’s going on.


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That’s it for this Thursday! Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Do you have a bucket list? What are some books that you think I need to read right away? Chat with me in the comments below!!

19 thoughts on “Tag Thursday – Fall Bucket List Book Tag

  1. Ahh, thank you so much for saying that my posts are amazing 😭😭😭 Yours are so amazing too, and I LOVE your voice, and your passion for reading is so clear ❀
    Haha, I remember adding The Fixer to my TBR years ago, because I'd heard amazing things, but then I took it off because it seemed like everyone had forgotten about it. Apparently not, haha! I'll definitely have to look into it again!
    I'm really sad that I didn't love The Book Thief as much as everybody else. I think it's because I went in expecting a fast-paced, or at least faster-paced story, than what I got! I feel like The Book Thief is more a short story collection surrounding Liesel, Rudy, Max, etc.'s life, and the plot is not really linear. It was my fault that I expected a clear plot from the book, but I enjoyed the message nonetheless. Actually, I read the book for school, and I got a good score on the paper I wrote on it, so I'll always have that memory attached to The Book Thief :')

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means so much to me Caitlin thank you so so much πŸ’– *hugs*
      Yes, ADD IT BACK!!! I love that book so much and I will forever scream about it. So yes please, add it back! And you know, no pressure lol, but I’d love to hear your thoughts if you read it!!!
      Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t. I’m not even sure what I expected from it, but it was still so good. And you’re right. It’s kind of like short snippets from different parts of everyone’s life, and it’s more like a coming of age story than an adventure, or something that has a “plot”. It just tells the story of their life, and there’s no quest or something to get at the end of the book, so I can see why it disappointed you. Yes! I’m glad you got a good score nonetheless ❀


  2. I’ve seen the bookish life of Nina Hill around and I have read what it’s about. It seems to me that the moral of that story is pretty on the nose, family is better than reading, yada-yada?
    Also, ooooooh, the book thief. That’ll break your heart good. 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well no, not at all actually. It’s more about Nina getting to know her family, and there is some drama with that, but there’s nothing about family being better than reading. Not at all. I’d say that the book is about Nina becoming more extroverted, and getting to know her family (which doesn’t happen much, but oh well)
      Yeah, it really did πŸ’š

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omw I had this thoughts a few days ago and I’m like β€œI don’t have an actual bucket list” πŸ€”. Sure theres many things I’d love to do and places I’d love to visit but I have no concrete list. Nvm, let’s have Booket Lists (did I just say thatπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I’m really excited to read The Fixer because of how much you love it. It sounds amazing πŸ™ƒ.
    With The Fire On High is somewhere near the top of my pile and I’m sure I’m going to love it. Did you say her culinary arts classes are mentioned??? I am so ready for this! 😭😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes you did, and Booket Lists are just as great. Yeah, same, I just know that I want to succeed in life and visit England, and that’s pretty much it lol

      Yesss, I really can’t wait for you to read it!! πŸ’š Oh yeah, Emoni’s class is kind of like one of the main things she does in the book, so it is really kind of center stage!! I’m sure you’ll love it πŸ’–πŸ₯°


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