21 blogs and why I love them || Introducing The Serotonin Monthly

in spectacular Rukky fashion, this post is three days late. aren’t I amazing? no, i most certainly am not

Well hello there!! Welcome to a wonderfully long post where I hope to spread some happiness and appreciation to all the bloggers out there who spend so much time and effort bringing us all content that we love.

I’ve vaguely had this idea for a while. I knew that I wanted to do something to shout-out and appreciate the bloggers that I loved, however, I’ve been procrastinating for such a long time and haven’t actually done anything with this idea for months.

And then the Book Blogger Awards came around once again and I knew I had to do this now, especially since I couldn’t nominate every blogger that I know for the awards. I had to do another post talking about all the other blogs that I love and support.

Enter The Serotonin Monthly (shout-out to Caitlin and May for introducing me to the word!!) a monthly feature where I will do a post that promotes and supports bloggers. Every month, I will make a post that features some of my favorite posts or bloggers that I’ve discovered in that month. Who knows, maybe I’ll do guest posts or blogger interviews as well!

This has all been really a spur of the moment decision, and I have really not thought this out at all. But hey, I think all my best ideas have been spur of the moment ones so hopefully this will not be a major flop.

And if it is, well, I think it would be a good kind of flop.

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