Review Policy

Books Genres that I accept:

Thriller (Legal and non-Legal)




Realistic Fiction

Historical (Mystery / Fiction)

Young Adult

Espionage Thriller


I prefer Mystery/Crime and Espionage Thrillers but will read any of the above.

(If your book falls in a genre not mentioned above or below, send me an email and I’ll decide if I want to read it or not 🙂)

Books Genres that I do NOT accept:



Romance (Historical or Contemporary)


Books with lots of violence, bad language, abuse (against humans or animals)

I will NOT review any book that contains the above.

Formats I accept: 

ARCs (Digital)

E-books (formatted for kindle)

(At this time, I am not accepting hard/paperback books)

Formats I do NOT accept:


I will do my best to read books in a timely manner. If you have a date/deadline by which you expect to see the review on my blog, please let me know beforehand. Otherwise, I’ll read the book as soon as possible and will post the review within 6 weeks of it’s release, or as soon as possible if it’s already been released.

I might not like a book and may subsequently not finish it. If that’s the case, then I’ll let you know via email and will not review or rate your book. However, I may choose to talk about it on my blog or Goodreads.

I may finish a book, but may not like it, and in that case, I will write a review, however, it may be critical or negative.

Review System:

5 stars: AMAZING! I will definitely re-read and recommend to friends and family!

4 stars: GREAT! I liked it very much but it had a little flaw that made it miss the 5-star mark.

3 stars: OKAY! It wasn’t bad, but could do with some work. I’ll probably forget sooner rather than later.

2 stars: NOT GOOD! It wasn’t interesting and had a lot of problems. Not recommending or re-reading.

1 star: AWFUL! I want my time, energy, and money back. It was a bad story, nothing memorable, and had me sputtering with anger.

You can email me at: [rukky dot eternitybooks at gmail dot com]

Please include the name of the book, author, genre, date of publication, and a summary of the book. If the book is in one of the genres that I listed that I do NOT accept, then I will let you know that I will NOT be reviewing your book.

Thank you so much for being interested in submitting a review request.