August 2021 – Let’s Talk Bookish

Good morning, friends. Welcome back! Interestingly enough, I completely forgot that August’s topics wouldn’t put themselves together so very conveniently for us. Which is a shame, it’d be wonderful if they could. It’d be wonderful if any blog post could just write itself once I think of an idea.

Anywho, if it hadn’t been for Dani, I wouldn’t have remembered to do this. She’s a really awesome cohost and I’m so glad to have her working with me!

Thank you to Nicole and Mikaela for suggesting the topics we’re using this month. If you’d like to suggest a topic, you can do so using this form that will also be linked below.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

August 6: What is your posting type? (suggested by Nicole @ Thoughts Stained with Ink)

Prompts: Everyone blogs differently, how do you do it? Do you schedule posts long before they’re published, how long? Do you write several drafts of a post and edit them, or do you not edit at all? Perhaps you simply write a post and put it up for the world to see immediately? There’s no right or wrong answer!

August 13: Can Books be Effective Horror? (Dani)

Prompts: Some people love to be scared – others not so much. When it comes to reading do you think books can be scary? Are you less scared because there are no pictures? Do you feel other mediums such as film are more effective for horror? Have you ever been kept up at night by a book? 

August 20: What Is One Book Everyone Must Read? (Mikaela @ Mikaela Reads)

Prompts: There are some books that are just required…or at least you personally think they are! Maybe it’s a book that changed your view on everything, or maybe it’s just the BEST vampire book ever written. What book do you try to get everyone in your life to read, even the non-readers?

August 27: Having a Blogger Identity Crisis (Rukky)

Prompts: Have you ever had a blogger identity crisis? What triggered it? How did you get over it? Has an identity crisis ever led you to significantly change the direction for your blog? Do you think having an identity crisis every once in a while can help you become a better blogger, or is it just a sign of insecurity?

Even if you don’t participate by writing LTB discussions, we’d still love to hear any suggestions you might have. We’re always accepting topics, so you can share your ideas using the google form below!


Tomorrow’s post is going to be all about Prologues and Epilogues, so that will be an interesting topic to discuss.

I need to update the LTB page with July and now August’s topics, and I will do my best to get that done ASAP. Thank you all for being patient with me there. Though I do wonder, do you guys use that page much to keep up with the topics?

And yeah, I think that’s all. Until next time,


36 thoughts on “August 2021 – Let’s Talk Bookish

  1. I definitely edit my posts. When I first write my posts, they are rift with grammar errors, so I tend to read it out loud before I schedule it to post. Sometimes I prewrite posts weeks before they come out, but on average usually I write them two or three days before they post. Also, concerning horror in books, I definitely feel like books can be as scary as horror movies even without the pictures or music. However, they have to rely on different abilities to incite fear. Like jump scares don’t work in books, so suspense and evil seeping slowly in works better. So, like The Haunting of Hillhouse works better as a book whereas slashers like Friday the 13th work better as movies. Some transfer over well, like Stephen King’s The Shining, but for the most part the same things which cause fear in movies don’t in books. Though that’s entirely my opinion.

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    1. Same, I sometimes skip entire words in my first draft, so editing is a must. And I agree with everything you said about horror. Jump scares in books are impossible because there aren’t any effects that are slowly building to a crescendo to freak you out. But having creepy haunted things happening in a book, with a lot of scary incidents in a remote location is perfect for creeping the life out of me. The only book I can remember that was that creepy was The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. By the time night fell, I had to put the book down, otherwise, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have slept soundly that night 😂😅

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  2. So excited to have to have these topics early again! Really helps me get these posts out! Also, yes! I would love to see posts that write themselves out and do all the work for us! What a perfect world that would be! HAHA!

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