Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2019 ft. a 200 follower Q&A form

Hey hey hey!!!! Welcome back dear bookworms! Today I’ll be sharing with you my wrap up post for September 2019!! how is it almost the end of 2019 already??? how?? where did the year go?

So September was…I guess, a kind of good month? More meh than good, but still kind of good. I think I’ve gotten used to classes and blogging, and that’s great! But I didn’t write that many reviews, wasn’t that super active in the community, and I only read 6 books. Let’s take a deeper look below!


Covers are from Goodreads

So I read 6 books, which is better than the 5 books I read in August but not by much. I am now helplessly behind on my GR challenge, and I’m so disappointed. I’m actually contemplating doing my first monthly TBR so that maybe I’d read more if I had a schedule, or an idea of books that I can read. Let me know if you’d like to see that!!

I am also behind on reviews from August, so I’m hoping to catch up on those this month (October)!

Read This Month:

Key: * = Book for review | ^ = Review to come

Curious Minds by Janet Evanovich // Rating: ★★1/2 One sentence summary:  An easy and humorous mystery, with okay characters.

*Against Their Will by Carolyn Courtney Lauman // Rating: ★★★★☆ One sentence summary: This was an incredible fast-paced debut, with great characters, and a captivating plot.

^A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman // Rating: ★★★★★ One sentence summary: A heartwarming story with beautiful friendships and a sweet grumpy man.

^Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim // Rating: ★★★★☆ One sentence summary: An interesting Mulan-inspired adventure in a world of magic with a determined heroine.

^Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco // Rating: ★★★1/2 One sentence summary: An okay mystery with a strong and complex heroine and amazing side characters.

^With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo // Rating: ★★★★★ One sentence summary: A sweet and uplifting story about family, friendship, food, and community.

Reviews completed (read in August):

Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong / The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling

Total Number of Books Read This Month: 6

Total number of reviews: 4


I did 2 tags, which is pretty low. But! I have a list of tags that I want to do, so maybe you will not see more of them this month!!

The Netflix Book Tag (Thank you so much Siobhan!)

Sunshine Blogger Award #2 (Thank you so much Kiera!)

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50 Bookish Questions tag by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads (Guys. FIFTY questions. Grab a cup and go have a seat, because it was so nice reading all of Meeghan’s answers!)

Bookending Autumn 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT by Sam @ Fictionally Sam (I’m so excited to be taking part this October!! Be sure to check out Sam’s post to learn more about it!)

Hard Truths I’ve Learned About Book Blogging (& a few ways to cope with them) by Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea (This is an awesome discussion post written by the amazing Caitlin, and I’m sure we’ve all related to some of her points at least once or twice before.)

Do Contemporary Novels Ever Become Outdated? by Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall (I really loved this seriously in depth discussion by Kelly on contemporary novels.)

Anything Else?

I changed my blog’s design…again!! I actually had my previous design for almost 6 months which is amazing. I wonder how long this one is going to last, and I really hope I keep it for much longer.

My stats were pretty high in September, and I’m so happy and thankful to all of you who came over and read whatever I had to say!! Also, I’m kind of close to reaching 200 followers, and after being inspired by Caitlin’s post, I’m going to host a Q&A about me/blog when I also hit 200! (It was not intentional lol!! I just felt like my letter that I wrote last time wasn’t much, and I wanted to do something more fun, and I’d seen the idea of a Q&A somewhere else, and then I saw Caitlin’s post that she did earlier this year, and it seemed like a fun way to say thank you, so here we are!)

Thank you to everyone who is following me, and if you’d like, you can fill out the form below to ask me your question, and to give me feedback about my blog!! I would really appreciate it 💚

That’s A Wrap!

That’s it for this month. In total, I read 6 books, did 4 reviews, 2 books tags, and wrote 4 discussion posts (YAY!! Honestly, can you believe that I shied away from writing discussions before??). 2 of the books I read were 4 stars, and another 2 were 5 stars so that is great! However, I am still behind, by 10 books, on my reading challenge.

For October, I hope to read maybe 8 books, catch up on 5 reviews, and try to do maybe 4 or 5 BE Autumn posts. At the very least, I’m going to do 3.

And that’s it for this wrap-up! How was September for you? Did you get as much reading as you wanted done? Are you behind or ahead on your reading goal? Will you be taking part in Bookending Autumn? Should I do a monthly TBR post? Anything you’d like to share? Let’s chat in the comments below!

The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling – Rant Review

Hi guys, and welcome to another book review! Today, I’m going to be reviewing The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling. This was a very disappointing read. I didn’t really like the characters, the plot was kind of all over the place, and I was surprised by the paranormal elements that were in the story.

Book: The Diamond Thief

Author: Sharon Gosling

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Summary: No one performs on the circus trapeze like 16-year-old Rémy Brunel. But Rémy also leads another life, prowling through the backstreets of Victorian London as a jewel thief. When she is forced to steal one of the world’s most valuable diamonds, she uncovers a world of treachery and fiendish plots.

Meanwhile, young detective Thaddeus Rec is determined to find the jewel and clear his name. Will Thaddeus manage to rescue the jewel? Or is it really Rémy that he needs to save?

*Um, nothing? I can’t think of anything, no matter how microscopic, that I liked about this book.

*Rémy Brunel. We’ll start off with the Queen of this disaster. Rémy is a trapeze artist who works for a circus troupe, while also stealing valuable gems and diamonds wherever she goes for her manager. She is apparently very gifted, and she’s never been caught, nor has she ever been wrong. We are told that she is VERY gifted, but I really doubt that.

*Thaddeus Rec. Now for the King. Thaddeus is a young detective who is trying to prove to his fellow Scotland Yard colleagues that he is just as good as them, even with his criminal parents and childhood. Oh, he’s also very very very naive, and so inexperienced, I was ahead of him in solving this “mystery” the entire book.

*Instalove. Guys. These two lovebirds have literally known each other for TWO days, and they have decided that they can’t live without each other because their love is so strong. And it’s supposed to be enemies-to-lovers kind of thing, but I was rolling my eyes so hard, because as soon as they were introduced, Thaddeus fell head over heels (duh) for cold and uncaring Rémy (double duh) and was stupid enough to just trust her, and believe she is worthy of no wrongdoing. And when she does confess, oh, our poor knight is horribly wounded and shocked*

*Plot. Let’s talk about the plot. This probably should have been a rather simple, but still fun and a bit twisty story about a chase for one of the most important diamonds in Rémy’s time. Right from the get go, I was very skeptical of Thaddeus’s detective skills, and Rémy’s superb abilities at stealing. And the fact that she fell for Lord Abernathy’s trick made me roll my eyes. And then Thaddeus, who had recognized Rémy from the circus (she has different colored eyes), goes there to talk to her manager, and the guy gives him a fake name, and what does Thaddeus do? He believes it wholeheartedly, because such a beauty and such a captivating woman can’t possibly be guilty of such a crime. And then the chase and the whole mine or whatever that is under the city etc, and the cruel bad guy who wants to take over the world-I just could not believe any of it. It wasn’t realistic to me, and I couldn’t say okay, it might have been possible. Oh, and the traitor/plot twist? I guessed who they were as soon as they were introduced.

*Detective skills. Thaddeus and Rémy positively suck at being detectives. They just can’t do it. Everything is explained to them, and given to them with a huge red bow, and they don’t do any detecting. They just happen to be in the right place at the right time, or they just have this character who knows everything they need to know/can guide them to wherever they need to go.

*Paranormal. Where did this come from??? Somebody please tell me? Some things were just left as magic, or some sort of magical energy from some diamond is the reason why xyz happened. There was no proper explanation, just magic. And I’m supposed to believe that? Also, the whole talk of curses was just completely not my thing. I was really upset about that because there is no mention of such a thing in the summary of the book.

*Dialogue. Guess what? I didn’t like it.

*Unanswered questions. There were many things that weren’t properly or completely explained, such as how J knows Thaddeus (and why is he called J??), or what happened at the circus after Rémy left, or what happened to Thaddeus’s family and what is his story (we are told his parents were criminals? and then nothing more). Also, is Thaddeus French? Because his name doesn’t sound English? And how inept can Scotland Yard be??? Like really??? There were other questions I had, I just don’t remember them right now.

*The Ending. I don’t really remember what happened, but in my notes, I mentioned that I really did not like it. And the few parts that I am remembering, they were cringey and made me roll my eyes.

*P.S. Yes, I know, I like this trope sometimes, the enemies-to-lovers, or the cold uncaring guy and annoyed caring girl, and then they become friends and yada yada yada, but it didn’t work here at all. AT ALL. The only reason these two were in love was because they were in the same book. That’s my only explanation for it.

In the end, I really didn’t like this, I will not recommend it, but I hope you enjoy it, if you do read it. The characters were flat, the plot was unbelievable, and there were many unanswered questions. The use of magic, and curses, and nothing that is logical to explain certain things was annoying, and I was not here for it. However, here are two much nicer reviews that could help you decide whether to read this or not. (Review #1, and Review #2)

One sentence summary: A very disappointing story with flat and annoying characters.

Overall, 1 really disappointed and angry star.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Have you read The Diamond Thief? What did you think? Am I the only one who is frustrated by books that use magic to explain things rather than actual logic + a bit of magic? What are you currently reading? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2019

Hey there my amigos! I hope you’re having a great day!! Today, I’ll be sharing my wrap-up post for August 2019!

August marked the beginning of school for me, so blogging and reading wise, things were not good. I didn’t post on time some days, and I’ve done only *hides* 1 review all month. Also, for the past few weeks, I’ve been absent, but what can I say? The school year has started.


Covers are from Goodreads

I only read 5 books, I am behind by 8 books on my reading challenge, and I didn’t pass my goal of reading 8 books that I set in July. *sigh* Oh, and I only did one review.

Key: * = Book for review | ^ = Review to come

^Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong // Rating: ★★★☆☆ One sentence summary: An okay mystery, with an interesting main character, and underwhelming ending.

They All Fall Down by Rachel Howzell Hall // Rating: ★★★★☆ One sentence summary: An okay thriller with an interesting plot and an unreliable narrator.

^An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason by Virginia Boecker // Rating: ★★★★☆ One sentence summary: A suspenseful novel with great characters and a bit of a predictable ending.

^The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee // Rating: ★★★★★ One sentence summary: A phenomenal historical fiction novel with a strong and independent heroine.

^The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling // Rating: ★★☆☆☆ One sentence summary: A disappointing mystery with an unbelievable plot and annoying characters.

Total Number of Books Read This Month: 5


So, I didn’t do any tags. But not to worry, I did discussion posts so I guess that can make up for it!

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HOMESCHOOL MISREPRESENTATION IN BOOKS // DEBUNKING A FEW COMMON LIES by Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall (As a home-schooled kid myself, I’m so glad that Kelly wrote this amazing post!!)

Reading Is My Hobby But Not My Profession // Feeling Fake, Being Torn Between Two Communities, And Other Insecurities by Kay @ Hammock of Books (Kay wrote this incredible post about feeling insecure about her college major, and this is just so important and relate-able.)

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Anything Else?

I started a weekly meme called Let’s Talk Bookish and so far so good. So I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for taking part and reading!!!

That’s A Wrap!

In the end, I read 5 books, wrote 1 review, did 0 tags, and 2 discussion posts. 3 of the books I read were either 4 or 5 stars, so that’s amazing, but I’m still behind on my reading challenge.

I only met one of my goals that I set in July, which was to write at least two discussion posts, so yay! However, I don’t think I’m going to set any goals for September because one, we’re already in the second week, and two, I don’t want to pressure myself.

And that’s it for this wrap-up! How was August for you? Did you get as much reading as you wanted done? Are there any discussion post ideas you’d like to share? Let’s chat in the comments below!