NCIS LA Book Tag | aka me doing a tag for a show I've never watched

Hola! Buenos días!! How are you guys? Hope you’re having a semi-fantastic week what with all the things going on in this wonderful world.

Today, I’m doing the NCIS LA book tag, which the wonderful and lovely Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads tagged me to do in December of last year. (at least it wasn’t november like i thought?) This is utterly horrible and I can’t believe that I slacked off on tags so much. But I’m finally doing this, so yay!!

I’ve actually kind of watched NCIS, because my grandmother I think used to watch it, so I’d catch bits and pieces here and there. But I’ve never watched a full episode, so I don’t think that really counts as watching.

Maybe this will increase my interest in it once again!

Check out the original creator Clo @ Cuppa Clo‘s blog, and thank you so much Meegs for tagging me!! Let’s get started!

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Monthly Wrap-Up – Feb 2019

Hey guys! Welcome to my second Monthly Wrap-Up of the year! (Can you believe we’re already 2 months into 2019? The year is going by waaaayyy too fast.) I’m going to share the books I’ve read this month, my favorite blog posts by other bloggers, and some of the tags I’ve done.

Let’s get started!

February was a pretty slow month for me in terms of reading. I only managed to finish 6 books which is pretty low, compared to last month’s 19 books (maybe that was just luck?)

Anyway, here are the six that I managed to read!


Covers are from Goodreads | Links lead to my reviews

The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti // ★★★★☆ One sentence summary: A slow suspense novel with a wonderful thriller ending.

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus // ★★★★☆ One sentence summary: A suspenseful thriller with great characters and an amazing twist/plot.

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes // ★☆☆☆☆ One sentence summary: A cliche filled book with one-dimensional characters and a very predictable plot.

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus // ★★★★★ One sentence summary: This novel had a very interesting plot, amazing characters, and a twist that blew me away.

The Sacrifice by Indrajit Garai // ★★★☆☆ One sentence summary: A thought-provoking collection of short stories about sacrifices.

Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci // ★1/2 One sentence summary: A book filled with Baldacci cliches, too-big plot and too-simple ending, and a boring main character.

Total Number of Books Read This Month: 6


I didn’t do a lot of tags in February Er, um, only two?

The Coffee Book Tag (I got tagged by the lovely Umairah @ Sereadipity)


The Sunshine Blogger Award (I got tagged by the wonderful Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads and Bakes)

Thank you so much ladies 🙂

Favorite Posts from Around the Web:

I Have an Announcement // Introducing The Blogiful Blog Design Event by Kat @ Novels and Waffles (You should check it out! It was super cool and I learned a lot from it)

Main Character Deaths are Necessary by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads and Bakes (I loved the discussion and I agree that sometimes, they are necessary)

Morally Gray Characters? In Books? Groundbreaking by Shri @ Sun and Chai (This is a very interesting post that is also very true)

Recipe + Review: The Silent Patient + Lightened Up Curry Chicken Recipe! by Christina @ Recipe and a Read (A delicious recipe paired with a review of a book I’m on the fence about)

And That’s A Wrap!

February was a pretty slow month for me in terms of reading and tags, but I hope to do better this month.

How was February for you? Any accomplishments that you’d like to share? Let’s chat in the comments!