Let’s Talk Bookish | October Topics

Hi guys and welcome back! I really hope you are having a beautiful day!! Today, I will be sharing with you the four topics for October’s Let’s Talk Bookish posts!

Before, I said that you should check out the page for LTB on my blog under Tags & Memes, but eh, I decided that I’ll still write a post announcing them anyway (I’m really indecisive like that). I’d like to say a quick THANK YOU to Ruqs and Heran, for suggesting topics!!

Also, if you’d like to know more about LTB, or you want to download the featured image, head right over here to read the official page for it!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

October 4th: Star Ratings – Are they fair or necessary?

October 11th: Sexual Content in YA – Is there too much sexual content in YA books? (suggested by Ruqs @ Many Things Bookish)

October 18th: What are some tropes/characters that you think are poorly or under represented in books?

October 25th: Are TBR’s necessary to be considered a book blogger, or reader? (suggested by Heran @ Be Frisky)

Do you know of any controversies going on in the bookish community right now? Is there a topic that makes you angry or upset? Or maybe something you want to see changed in the bookish community? Please share them with me for future LTB discussions in the google form below!!

I hope you guys like these topics and be sure to spread the message so that we can have a wider discussion!!! Don’t forget to share any ideas you might have using the google form above, or you can use my contact page. I’ve also added a page here where you can find this month and all the previous month’s topics.

Have a great day and I’ll see you hopefully on Monday!