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2019 Blogging Wrap-Up + 2020 Goals

Hey all!! Welcome back! I have finally finally done this post, 20 days later than I anticipated. But I'm really excited to see all the things I accomplished last year blogging wise, and share with you my goals for this year. This is probably going to be a long post, so let's get started!! Blogging… Continue reading 2019 Blogging Wrap-Up + 2020 Goals

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200 Followers: Thank you so much!

Good morning!!!!!! I hope you're happy and as excited as I am!!! I am so so excited to say that I've hit 200 followers!!! This is unbelievable!!!! I'm SO HAPPY!! THANK YOU guys so much for following my tiny corner of the internet and wanting to hear read what I say! It means so much… Continue reading 200 Followers: Thank you so much!

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2019 Reading Challenges

Hi guys! How are you all doing today? I wanted to post about reading challenges that I'm taking part in this year. Last year, I joined the book blogging community quite late (December) so I didn't have a chance to take part in any challenges. However this year, I'm jumping in headfirst and I hope I complete all the prompts by the end of the year. The three challenges I'm taking part in are: Popsugar's 2019 Reading Challenge; Goodreads' 2019 Reading Challenge; & Mommy Mannegren's 2019 Reading Challenge.