Wrapping up the 2020 blogging year + finally setting some goals for 2021

Hey y’all, welcome back! I hope you’ve all been doing well. Today, I’m finally wrapping up the 2020 blogging year and sharing my goals for this year.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t achieve all my goals even if I did come close for some. However, it’s still interesting to see what I did achieve and I’m pretty proud with the overall quality of my posts from last year.

There’s honestly not much else for me to say for this intro, so, without further ado, let’s get started!

Blogging Stats

  • Posts and comments: I wrote 92 posts (86,341 words total with 939 words per post) with 1,672 comments last year. It’s definitely a lot less than I did in 2019 but I’m hoping that the lower post number and more words per post means that I spent more time talking about quality topics instead of just doing generic posts. It’s probably just me rambling a lot, but let’s be positive.
  • Followers: I passed 500 followers in December and I’m sitting here right now trying to comprehend that. It’s just been 2 years and a few months since I’ve started and I’m already well on my way to reaching 600 followers at the moment. I’m just baffled as to how and why especially since I’ve been such a sporadic blogger for quite a while. I’m forever grateful to all of you and I’m so honored that you’re choosing to follow my little ramblings despite how inconsistent and terrible they are ❤
  • Views and Visitors: I had a total of 17,646 views and 6,914 visitors in 2020. That’s double my stats in 2019, which is awesome! I’m definitely getting a lot more exposure and interaction on the blog and that is absolutely wonderful. It’s also another reason why someone needs to stop being so inconsistent with their posts yes, I’m making a dig at myself. October was my highest month by far, which is rather curious since I only wrote 5 posts. Technically 4 posts since one of them was the announcing of November’s LTB topics so it doesn’t really count.

February was my lowest month which is surprising as I would have expected May (it coincided with Ramadan again) to take that honor as it did in 2019. And I wrote 9 posts in February, 2 of which were reviews (probably the only reviews I did all year) so I’m not really sure why it was that low compared to the rest. In the grand scheme of things though, it was still a really good month.

2020 Goals Review

  • Bookish: I’ve already done a reading wrap-up talking about this more in depth.
    • Read 110 books: ❌
    • Take part in two reading challenges (and stick to it!!): ✔
    • Read at least 40 books with diverse main characters or topics: ❌
    • Try to read more Adult thrillers and mysteries: ❌
  • Blogging:
    • Get to 400 followers: ✔ Yes, I got this one for sure!
    • Get through my 27 backlogged reviews, and review at least 50% of the books I read this year: ❌ Ah, the dreams of 2020 year old me making these plans. I only wrote 6 reviews last year. But you know what, I actually am very proud of those reviews and love the way I wrote them, so I’m not too saddened about my epic failure with this goal.
    • Monthly views should be more than a thousand: ❌ I nearly got this one, but I fell 11 views short in February.
    • Catch up on my blog hopping and stay on track: ❌ I think I did even worse with blog hopping in 2020 and I’m still doing terrible right now. At this point, it’s pretty much standard for me to have four windows of millions of tabs open with posts that I’m supposed to read and comment on. Which isn’t something to be proud of really.
  • Personal:
    • Get through my first year of dual enrollment (college + high school classes) successfully: ✔ Yup, this was a success and I’m really glad that it was.
    • Continue making healthier versions of my favorite desserts: ❌ I don’t even think I tried to make anything healthy in 2020. I just baked when I felt like it and indulged quite a lot with sugar. I’ve thought a little bit about trying to start this goal again, but I don’t really have the motivation to do so.
    • Continue exercising at least 5 times a week: ❌ I kept this goal up until March, and then it all went downhill from there. By May, I was pretty much not exercising at all, and it wasn’t until September-ish that I tried to start doing it consistently again. But I still missed some days (…and weeks) so it didn’t work out that well.

It’s kind of funny that I only got one goal in each category. I almost got 2 in blogging, but the keyword here is almost. But, I think it’s still a good thing that I made all these goals because they were there for me to try and achieve. Sure, I didn’t make most of them, but it still motivated to try, at least for some time.

Most Popular Posts + My Favorite ones

These are the posts that got a lot of comments and surprisingly, most of them are my personal favorites as well. I thought about deciding the popularity based on the likes, but some of my posts have 40-something likes but only like 12 comments, so I’ll just do it based on the most comments instead. I feel like that’s a more accurate view of how engaging the posts were.

Go give them some love if you haven’t already!!

2021 Goals: Bookish, Blogging, & Personal


  • Read 70 books — I’m picking a rather tame goal for this so that I can at least reach it. So far, I’m at 30ish books so I’m well on my way to achieving this.
  • Try to read 10 books out of my usual genres — This is inspired by the fact that I read a memoir last month and I actually liked it, so I want to try other books from genres I don’t usually read.

I think I’m going to keep it simple reading-wise this year and settle for these two goals. I was going to do some challenges at the start of the year but I don’t feel like doing them anymore so that’s why I didn’t include any.


  • Edit and publish all the posts in my drafts — I have 13 currently, some of which I started writing in April of last year. I really need to stop ignoring them and finish editing them already.
  • Write 10 reviews — I really like the way I experimented with my review style last year even if I only wrote 6 reviews, so I want to keep trying that this year and decide on the style that I like while also completing some long overdue reviews.
  • Stay at over 1k views each month — To do that, I’ll have to actually post, so this is my little mind trick to get myself to write posts consistently.
  • Maybe design and host EB on my own? — This is currently a tentative thought that I’m kind of working on. There are soooo many things that I have to figure out if I want to do this, so it’ll probably be a while before this becomes a reality.

I’m picking a lot more achievable goals that shouldn’t be too hard to reach (minus the last one). So, hopefully this will work out.


  • Exercise — I really really need to exercise more consistently and I want to be able to do it for the entire year. Or at least for the rest of the year. I need to know that I can stick to exercising for the long-term instead of it being random phases in my life.
  • Do something with code — This is very vague, but I’m hoping maybe I can do some internships, or workshops, or just even start a project that I will code from start to finish.
  • Eat healthier — I kind of dislike the idea of “healthy eating” because it seems to always be a personal attack on my love for baking and baked goods. However, I can offset that by drinking more water, eating more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, and doing things like that. Coupled with exercise, it should enable me to be healthy while still keeping my sweet tooth.
  • Create a productive routine — I’m finally going to be starting Uni full time later this year (yayy! but also no yay because it makes me feel old. high school is almost over. already. wow.), so creating and maintaining a productive routine is very important. I want to be able to get all my work done and be able to factor in exercise, blogging, reading, coding, and everything else into my daily routine. I know it’s possible; I just have to have the discipline to accomplish that.

And those are my goals for the year!

That is it my friends. This was very relaxing to write and I love how I got to be contemplative of my successes and failures. Hopefully next year, I’ll look back on more successes than failures, but I’m still very satisfied with my accomplishments at the moment. And I will relish that before I start to mildly depress myself about it.

How was your 2020 blogging year? I’ve missed all the blogging wrap-ups, so link yours down below if you want me to check it out. What are some of your goals for the year? Any suggestions for starting a routine? Any recommendations for mystery mangas or graphic novels? How are you really doing? Chat with me in the comments below!!

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