Let’s Talk Bookish – September 2020 + a thank you!

Hey y’all! Welcome back!! Today, Dani and I’ll be sharing the topics for September.

As we’ve been doing for the past couple of months, we’ll be sharing these topics 2 weeks early just so that you can all prepare and pre-write your posts if you’d like.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by me @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.

Many thanks to Rian and Davida for suggesting topics!! If you’d like to suggest topics, you can do so with the form below, or you can always use my contact page.

September 4th: Is 3 Stars a “Good” Rating? (Dani)

Examples: A lot of reviewers think 3 stars marks a book as bad; do you? What makes you personally rate a book 3 stars? Do you hesitate to pick up books that seem to get a lot of 3 star ratings? Do you think a 3 star rating is good, bad or neither?

September 11th: How to Encourage Others to Read (suggested by Rian @ Dogs and Books)

Examples: Do you like to encourage other people to read? What strategies do you use? How do you get someone who “hates” reading to read? Do you find certain genres or types of books work better?

September 18th: The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging

Examples: What do you love about being a book blogger? What do you hate? What makes you stay in this community, and what’s one thing that could possibly drive you away? Do you feel appreciated as a blogger? Are book bloggers given enough credit?

September 25th: Reading Seasonally (suggested by Davida @ The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog)

Examples: What makes a book a spring/summer/fall/winter read? Do holidays have to be included to feel seasonal? Can a book still be “seasonal” even if it takes place in multiple seasons? What are some examples of books you think are strongly rooted in certain seasons for you?

As always, you don’t have to answer every question under the examples. You don’t even have to answer any of them if you don’t want to, but I’ve decided to include them as a guideline if you are unsure what to post regarding the topic.

Is there something about books or the book blogging community that you want to discuss? Do you know any controversies going in the community right now? Is there something you don’t want to discuss personally, but would love to see other’s opinions about? Please share your ideas in this form, or you can use my Contact page!!

We appreciate each and every suggestion!

Now for the other stuff:

I haven’t been blogging much, and I will probably continue to post sporadically, especially this month since school has resumed. Nonetheless, I want to say thank you so so so much to everyone who has followed my blog recently! I’ve already surpassed 400 followers, and it just keeps increasing. It’s kind of baffling to me since I’m not really posting anything besides LTBs.

But nonetheless, I want to do something to celebrate. Would you guys like me to do a Q&A or create an original book tag? Or maybe you have another more creative idea you’d like to share? (I’m burnt out guys *sigh*)

I also want to say thank you to everyone who nominated or voted for me in the Book Blogger Awards! I actually made it to the voting round in the Discussions category, and I’m full of so. many. emotions. Thank you guys so much!! Be sure to go vote in the awards here (the form closes this weekend!!), and shower May and Marie with love for doing this for the community!

I also want to say thank you to you, for reading this post, for just being here, and for just being you 🙂

Other than that sappy mess that I was, I’ve been going through the few million tabs that I have open and been commenting on posts, so if you see a comment on a post you wrote back in May or June, it’s probably me lol. I really want to get through them instead of stockpiling them so much. I’m also working on replies to comments on my own blog. I’m just so behind on everything 😓

So, let me know! What would you like me to do to celebrate 400 followers? Q&A or an original book tag? Do you have a different, much more creative suggestion? Have you voted in the BBAs? Are you excited for these topics? Chat with me in the comments below!!

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