Get to know me by my bookish habits and favorites // The Who Am I? Book Tag (round 2)

I’ve already done this before, but I’m still going to do it again.

A lot of things have changed since my first time doing this nearly a year ago (will be exactly a year this Saturday) and I now have some new favorites and possibly a whole new outlook on life, so I’m curious to see how my answers will differ this time around.

Many thanks to the amazing Nikki @ The Night is Dark and Full of Books for tagging me! (and I’m so sorry for taking 6 months to finally do this!!)

Let’s get started!!

If your life were a book genre, what would it be?

Ideally, it would be a thriller, because I just love the suspense, the thrill, and the emotional roller coaster of fear that comes with reading them. However, in reality, my life is the most boring of contemporaries. Though I don’t think any contemporaries have pandemics and quarantine in them, but I guess it’s close enough. My life is just very average and very normal. Or as normal as can be in said circumstances.

What villain from a book do you identify with the most?

I went back to see what 1 Year Ago Me chose, and of course, it was Kaz and Victor. But in reality, I don’t identify with them that much. I like them, sympathize with them, understand them in ways, but I don’t identify with them as much as I would like to. I just really don’t see myself in any character that much, except for a few, and those few are not villains at all.

A villain that I like though is Marceline from Code Name Hélène by Ariel Lawhon. I like her because I hate her with a vicious passion and wish that she never existed. I really don’t think that I’ve ever hated someone as much as I’ve hated her, and I like her for being so easy to hate.

What protagonist are you most similar to?

This one has changed. Ever since I read the first two books of the Ink & Bone series, I’ve been using every chance I have to talk about how amazing Khalila is, and she truly is amazing. And that may be because I relate to her a lot.

I have the same sense of overwhelming loyalty and wanting to support the people close to me no matter what, and the same non-violent attitude. However, I don’t have her bravery and strength, but she definitely inspires me and I’m so glad that I relate to her anyway.

Which book did you connect with in the past that you no longer do?

I haven’t re-read that many books, so this will have to be the same as last years. The Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter is the cheesiest series ever, and I understand why a much younger version of me loved it, but I can’t stand it today.

What recent book you read would you love to be a character in?

The most recent book I read was about World War II (Code Name Hélène) and I definitely would not want to be a character in that. The other book before that was a fantasy, and I still wouldn’t want to be a character in that. Before that, I have no idea. It’s been a month since I’ve read any books, and the most recent two were great (CNH is awesome!!!), but I’d still like to stay in my safe boring contemporary, thank you very much.

How do your reading habits show off your personality?

I think that my love for historical fiction is a great example of how I love the past. Or at least, the idea of it. I know that the past was a horrible place, probably 99.9% of the time and even more so for someone like me, but I still love the idea of what could have been. What if I’d been born a century ago? What if I’d been born 50 years ago? What would life have been like for me?

I’m a dreamer in that sense. I like to imagine the world as a better place, and sometimes go through mini movies in my head of what could have been. If I’d chosen this, or done that instead. If someone hadn’t gotten elected, or I was born somewhere else in another time. I just like to dream, and I think my love of historical fiction shows that. in a weird way

What book taught you something about yourself?

Uh, I have no idea? Honestly, I mainly read for escapism. I rarely read (except for school and stuff) for learning so I can’t think of a book that’s taught me something about myself. Analyzing the books I choose to read tells me a lot about me though, some of which I like and don’t like. But there really isn’t one book that’s taught me anything about myself.


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No pressure if you don’t want to do the tag!

That’s it for today! Have you read Code Name Hélène? Do you like historical fiction? Do you have any recommendations? What genre would your life be in? What villain do you most relate to? Chat with me in the comments below!!

28 thoughts on “Get to know me by my bookish habits and favorites // The Who Am I? Book Tag (round 2)

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me, Rukky!! I have a HUGE amount of tags and nominations that I really need to get to :(( I’m such a mess 😫 I’ve never heard of Code Name Helene, but now I’m so interested! And I’m VERY fascinated by the past too. I really wanna go back in time, and see what it was *actually* like in the past lol. Like whenever I watch a historical movie, I wish I could see what it was actually like in the time they were portraying, in order to confirm what they got right and what they got wrong 😂 I don’t think I actually want to go back in time—like be a person born in the past though, because I would definitely Not Survive. I wanna be a ghost from the future 😂😂 like I would be an invisible observer, hahaha. a time I really wanna go back to is the era of Wu Zetian, so we’re talking Ancient> China. I’m just so fascinated by her because she’s the only female emperor in Chinese history, and she had to take down a LOT of people in her rise to power. I’m sure the way things were in her time are so different from what things are like now, and I just *wanna know* how people lived back then, and how different people’s appearances were back then compared to now 😭

    LOL I’M SORRY THIS COMMENT TURNED INTO A WHOLE TANGENT ABOUT MY YEARNING TO OBSERVE THE PAST. anyways, this was an amazing post!! i had so much fun reading it, and i’ll try to do this tag as soon as i can 🥺🥺 my life would also be the most boring contemporary ever lmao. like, you’d have to read about pages and pages of me procrastinating by scrolling through twitter, telling myself to go write but not doing it, telling myself to draft a blog post but still not doing it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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    1. Lol, I hope you have fun with it!! aww, we’re all messes, don’t worry about it! I had planned to write another post yesterday or today and here we are, no post in sight 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 At least another LTB is coming tomorrow

      I hope you enjoy CNH!! It’s phenomenal, and I love that Nancy (the MC) uses her feminity and genius wit and tongue to just absolutely slay everyone in her path. And it’s based on a real story, so I’m completely still in awe of her right now 😍🥺🥺
      Yess that’s exactly how I feel too! I want to know what they wore, how they woke up, what they did, that little verbal tic, their accents, all the tiny meticulous aspects of their day to day life! I don’t want just one paragraph generalizing their dress and life. I want a full blown encyclopedia detailing everything.
      I don’t think I’d be able to deal with living back then either, but it would still be super cool to be a ghost watching their life 😂😂 I learned about Empress Wu earlier this year, and I’m also very interested in her life too! Imagine if someone wrote a story about her rise to power…it’d be epic and I would defintiely read it!

      Haha, at least I’ve found someone who understands what I mean!! It’s not just about the general learning, but the tiny unnecessary aspects of their lives that makes it *so* fascinating to me. Aww, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Lol, same here 😉

      p.s. I replied to that comment thread where we were talking about your WIP, and idk, but it didn’t show up and I’m not sure why?? It gave me a comment number, but it’s not showing on the page, so I wonder if you saw it? I hope that it went through and might just be in spam or something…

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      1. Wait, Rukky, I became interested in Wu Zetian because of a new release that was announced!! It’s called Iron Widow, and it’s a retelling of Empress Wu’s rise to power featuring mecha robots & an Ancient China-inspired world. I really can’t wait to read it :(((( Idk how I’m gonna wait until 2021

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  2. Thanks so much for the tag!!! And great answers! I totally understand, my life would also be a boring contemporary, but how can you change that?! I mean thrillers would be awesome, but rather have a boring contemporary lifestyle than being chased or hunted or whatever that would make up a good book but a terrible life haha!

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  3. Thank you SO much for tagging me!! I can’t wait to do it, I loved your answers. ❤️ I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but I would like to read more, because the little I’ve read I like & now I really want to check out Code Name Helene, it sounds very good 😊✨

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  4. I hadn’t heard of code name Helene but it sounds really interesting and I will have to check it out at one point !! Especially as I like finding a good villain to hate. I’ll also need to check out Ink and Bone now as well !!
    “my life is the most boring of contemporaries.” SAME. That would have to be me as well, I just have a pretty average life but I’m pretty happy with that!!
    I loved your answer for what loving historical fiction says about you. I definitely think it is fascinating to imagine what the past in like and less of the facts that we often hear but the actual living of it and just to experience it. It is fun to imagine and to picture all these different people doing completely different things in their own time.
    Thank you so much for the tag !! ❤

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    1. Oh yes, I really hope you love CNH!! Besides Marceline, it really is a wonderful book and I loved Nancy, the MC. I hope you enjoy both books!

      Lol, I’m also kind of pretty happy with my life. At least, you learn to love it, even if it truly is boring. Yes that’s what exactly I love about it! I love imagining everyday life, the day to day activities, not just their general history, but the tiny meticulous aspects of their life too. I want to know what living there, waking up there, dying there etc. was like (not the dying part, but yeah lol). I honestly think that if I ever finish a book, it will probably be a historical fiction novel because I just love it so much.

      You’re welcome! Hope you have fun doing it, and enjoy your hiatus ❤✨

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  5. Ooh I so want to read Code Name Helene sometime. Have you read the authors other book about Anastasia? That’s on my TBR too and is how I first found out about her other book. I also seriously need to start the Ink & Bone books, I even have two of them on my Kindle 🙈 I hope you get reading again soon (if you want to), I’m stuck in a slump right now and it’s very frustrating.

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    1. No, I actually haven’t read that one. It’s defintiely on my list though because she did a spectacular job with CNH! I hope we both love Anastasia, and that you love CNH as much as I did!
      Lol, you really do need to get to them sometime! Yeah, I’m trying to get back into reading, so thank you! And I hope you get out of your slump soon. They really are very frustrating :/ Maybe try reading short books, or very bland ones just to get you a little motivated?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes hopefully we’ll both love it then and thank you ☺️
        Aww thank you 💕 that’s a good idea. I was thinking about rereading a favourite but a short book is definitely an option too. A couple of authors have actually started posting sort of mini posts or series during lockdown so I may check those out as I was hoping to read a few of them.
        I really hope that you get back into reading too 💞

        Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s ok (: I’m not sure how many are doing it but I’ve definitely spotted a couple and imagine there are more. Thank you ☺️ I haven’t actually tried yet as I’ve been pretty busy but I’m sure I will.

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  6. Firstly, thank you Rukky for tagging me! This looks like such a fun tag and I plan on doing this one myself as soon as possible. 🧡 // I’m also a big historical fiction fan although I haven’t read many ya-historical fiction books yet. I can recommend A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge. It’s a standalone set in the English Civil War (~1642) and includes ghosts and a very nice writing style + cover!

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    1. Oh, you’re welcome!!! I hope you enjoy doing it ✨
      I think YA historical fiction is a bit overrated sometimes. But CNH is really my first adult HF book, so I can’t really say. I’m defintiely checking that out! I don’t think I’ve really studied the English Civil War so that will be super fun to read! Though I’m not sure about the ghosts lol

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  7. I’m really so glad you read Ink and Bone and loved it as much as I do. And yes, Khalila is an amazing woman and I definitely wish I had her wisdom and strength 🙌💞

    Oh my word, Gallagher Girls was a whole phase in my life. I loved the books so much and I remember thinking after I finished them if I’d ever be able to enjoy another book again, because I genuinely thought it was the best thing ever 😂😂😂🙈

    And then two years ago I picked it up for a re-read and I was shocked at how immature the writing was. And as you said, I didn’t want to ruin all the memories I had of those books so I just closed it… ☹️

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    1. Haha yes! Thing is though that I now need to get the next book and stop procrastinating 😂

      It was THE phase in my life. It’s when I first got interested in espionage books, adventure books etc. and I found this series that had a school for girl spies and I just fell in love.

      And then I re-read it and I can’t believe that I ever liked it. I actually finished the whole book (Cross my heart & hope to spy) and I was just in a state of disbelief afterwards 😂 I don’t quite trust my younger judgement anymore loll


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