Let’s Talk Bookish – The Hype Train | ft. my thoughts on the peer pressure

Good morning friends!! Welcome to another Let’s Talk Bookish post! Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, created and hosted by me, where we discuss chosen topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.

Today’s topic is: The Hype Train

This topic is super interesting because there are so many aspects related to the Hype Train, from hyped books to peer pressure, and all the feelings and issues that arise from it. I might write another post on this topic because there were some other questions that I didn’t get to answer.

Do I like hyped books?

Yes, sometimes I do. I mean Six of Crows has got to be the most hyped fantasy book of all time, and I did like it. But sometimes hyped books aren’t for me too. The Queen of Nothing, for example, is a book that was extremely hyped, and I even took part in hyping it because I was so excited for it’s release, and for me, it was the biggest let down of 2019.

So yeah, it really depends on the book.

Do I feel pressure to like hyped books?

Yes, I do. And I think that that’s inevitable, and it’s not the fault of anyone. The reason they are hyped is because several thousands of people liked it and are constantly recommending it. So if thousands love it, and these thousands are waiting for you to read it, so that you can love it and join them in praising the book, well there is inevitably going to be a lot of pressure.

Again, it’s not anyone’s fault because they can’t help it if a couple thousand people liked the book and are so excited for you to like it too.

At the very least, what happens is that I may be more lenient towards the book than I would be if there was no hype or feelings of guilt attached.

There I said it. I’m a hypocrite. Honestly, we’re all probably hypocrites, because there has to be at least ONE book that you were more lenient too for whatever reason than if you had read it without that reason influencing your opinion.

Reading is subjective, because it honestly depends on your mood and how you feel at the moment. You may read this really slow book and hate it because it makes you feel lethargic and you’re already in a bad mood when on a normal day, you would cry and cherish the book forever.

It’s just how it works. But being lenient to the book because of external factors such as peer pressure, I admit, I have done it, and yes, it’s wrong. But that’s what peer pressure is. Doing things that you wouldn’t normally do because there is a pressure to conform from someone else.

And I have actually gone and reduced my rating for some books because I realized I’d rather be the odd one out ranting about the book than trying to blend in with all the fans. Everyone likes unpopular opinions too.

How do I feel since I was a book hyper (TQoN)?

Technically, since I have a book blog, my Hobby Job is to be a book hyper. To love books and recommend them incessantly until you add them. And I don’t know if I’m doing any good, but I’m sure there is at least one of you who has added a book based on my recommendation, and trust me, it makes my little heart very happy! I hope you love it, but if you don’t, that’s okay!!

So back to the question. I guess I consider my hyping of TQoN to be different from me talking and recommending other books because a LOT of people were hyping TQoN too. Everywhere, everyone had it on their TBR, was talking about how excited they were, couldn’t wait to read it yadda yadda yadda, and I was a part of that.

So there was a hype wagon or train going on there. And now that I’ve read the book and being thoroughly disappointed by it, well, I kind of regret constantly mentioning it. HOWEVER, I still think fondly of my naive 1 year ago self who was excited about a book that hadn’t been released yet.

Because TQoN was honestly the first book that hadn’t been released that I was absolutely dying to read. So it will always be a bitter sweet memory.

A lot of people liked the book, and if my talking about it helped someone find it and they liked it, well I’m glad they did. If they didn’t, well we can bond over my salty review linked above.

And yeah. I think that’s enough for one post.

This Week’s Participants:

Belle @ Belle Can Read | Evelyn @ Evelyn Reads | Jane @ Blogger Books | M.T. @ The Last Book On The Left | Dani @ Literary Lion

Do you follow the hype train? What’s your favorite hyped book? Do you think that hyped books are too good to be true, or is there some hope that they will be as good as everyone says? Chat with me in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – The Hype Train | ft. my thoughts on the peer pressure

  1. Oh wow I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t like Queen Of Nothing. I still need to read it but I have such high hopes for it so I hope that I enjoy it more.
    And I think hype can be wonderful as it gets books so much positive attention but it does definitely put pressure on readers like you’ve said. Such as Red, White & Royal Blue – I’ve got it on hold at the library (it was in transit when they closed) and I want to read it but I’m worried that I’ll be the odd one out who doesn’t enjoy it and how awkward will that be? Although I hope I wouldn’t let that affect my review.

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    1. I really hope you enjoy it more!!! Oh yeah, hype puts so much pressure on the reader, and the author, and book as well. Haha, exactly, it’s so awkward being the only one who doesn’t like a super popular book! At least with TQoN, it seems to have been a hit and miss for a lot of people, so I’m not really alone lol
      I hope you enjoy both TQoN and Red, White, & Royal Blue!

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  2. I am usually very sceptical and cautious towards very hyped books. My expectations are set to minimum so there’s no disappointment if it’s nothing like what people said :D. But sometimes the hype is real (even have a goodreads shelf called “trust-the-hype” for that occasion)! Six of Crows is the best example you have also mentioned and I am currently reading TDI by CC for the first time and I have to say while I got really late on the hype train I do see why it’s so popular. I also got blinded many times by the hype (examples: Flame in the Mist, Wonder Woman Warbringer). In my opinion there are just so many books out there which deserve much more hype.

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    1. I wish I could do that! My expectations are always involuntarily sky high and then I get super disappointed. But yeah, sometimes it is truly worth it. I hope you continue enjoying TDI!! I haven’t read it, but so many have loved it.
      True, I feel like to each person, there’s always a book that deserves more hype when to someone else, the book needs to be buried and never spoken about again 😂 But yeah, some books are truly good and severely underrated.

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  3. I feel the same way about Nevernight. I was so excited for Darkdawn and I just felt totally let down by it. And I have all these exclusive editions of it, and I would get rid of them, but they’re all personalised “For Meeghan” which… I’m pretty sure no one is going to want!!

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  4. Great discussion, Rukky! I really liked how you mentioned how we’re hypocrites and may rate hyped books more leniently 😂. Reading /is/ so subjective, and sometimes I find myself going easier on a hyped book I genuinely cared about to start with, and other times I have no patience for hyped books I didn’t really care about 😅.

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  5. I’m definitely guilty of this as well 🙈
    But now I’ve realized it’s not worth it and you’ve got to be yourself 💁‍♀️
    I mean, if I don’t enjoy a book thats that and I can’t change it 🤷‍♀️

    Omw, I was so hyped for The Queen of Nothing! 😭😭
    I was traveling a week or so after the book was released, and I saw it in the airport bookshop 💀
    And you knowww the price of those books 😩
    But I couldn’t be bothered, I was so desperate to read it. Turns out it was meh 😑

    Some of my favorite hyped books were Ready Player One, Six of Crows, Descendant of the Crane and yeah, I can’t remember more rn 🙃

    One of my biggest disappointments had to be The Night Circus 😔
    I remember being so excited to read it and right until the last page, I was waiting for some action and plot and I turned the last page like ”and then…?” 😶
    So that was a big let down for me ☹️

    I’m very cautious about jumping on hype trains… or any train for that matter 😏
    Like it takes me a while to decide if I really want to read something and then I think a hundred times before clicking ‘want to read’ 😄

    PS: sorry for my essay comments but I get carried away and your topics are always so interesting 😬

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    1. Haha, we all are! Exactly. We can’t change our feelings so 🤷🏽‍♀️

      Aww, yeah. TQoN was such a let down and I’m sorry you spent quite a bit on it and it disappointed you.

      That’s exactly how I felt with TQoN!! “and then…?” Like I actually flipped wondering if I’d missed a few chapters or something 😐 Those are probably the most painfully disappointing books.

      LOL Zahra 😂 Yeah, I tend to be skeptical, and I think it’s partly because I just don’t want to follow the hype just for the sake of rebelling, but if it actually sounds really good and like my kind of book, I’ll add it to my maybe-tbr shelf…which means it’ll be quite a while before I think about maybe reading it XD

      Oh don’t worry about it!! It doesn’t feel like an essay at all and I’m glad you enjoy them 💖


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