WWW Wednesday #42

Hey friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day! It is time for my weekly reading update, WWW Wednesday. WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words.

The Three W’s are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Let’s get started!

All covers are from Goodreads

What I Just Finished:

Heir of Fire was really great. It was amazing seeing Celaena become the person that she is meant to be. And I absolutely loved the witches!! I can’t wait to see what happens to them in the later books! I didn’t really enjoy Chaol/Aedion’s point of view nor did I really care about what was happening in Rifthold until the end.

The Turn of the Key was also great. I enjoyed the suspense and the atmosphere created by all the weird things going on. I was honestly anxious enough that I stopped reading when night fell lol. But the more I think about the ending, the more it doesn’t make sense, and I wish it had been explained better.

I picked up This Is Where It Ends on a whim, and I kind of enjoyed it. The horrors of what was going on was so heartbreaking, and to know that it happens in real life rather frequently is so sad and outrageous. However, the characters were really flat and both Autumn and Claire annoyed me. Tomas, Sylv, and Matt were the only ones that I liked. I also didn’t really like how Tyler was portrayed. Overall, it was meh.

What I’m Currently Reading:

Queen of Shadows (11%): I’m seriously upset with Chaol right now. And I used to love him. His confrontation with Aelin went so badly, and I honestly wished she’d punched him maybe once, because obviously his ears are not working right.

What I Plan To Read Next:

Next up is either Ink and Bone, Empire of Storms, or Memory Man.

Chat with me

That’s it for this Wednesday. What are you reading? Have you read Ink and Bone? What did you think? Am I the only one who was seriously upset with Chaol in Queen of Shadows? Let’s chat in the comments below! (Be sure to link to your WWW’s so that I can check them out!)

12 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #42

  1. I also had some mixed feelings about the Turn of the Key. Like you said it built up a great atmosphere and the children were really creepy, but the ending felt so anticlimactic. The only thing I really liked about the ending is when mentioned that the sock still where she put it, and how that little detail ended up being a huge part of why she is in prison now, but otherwise I was pretty unimpressed. Funny how a sock can be the most exciting part haha.

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    1. Maddie was really so annoying and so creepy and so cruel and she just scared me so much 😂 And yes, it was so so anticlimatic. I’m not even really sure, did she stay in prison? Did she die there or something? And lol, I had totally forgotten about the sock before. I can’t believe that that was the reason (besides the letter) that she stayed in prison.

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  2. I really need to get back to the Sarah J. Maas series! I’ve read the first book twice, but I never seem to get my ducks in a row to carry on with the series, though I hear it goes in some directions that surprise me, love-interest-wise!

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