Let’s Talk Bookish | December 2019

Hello and welcome back, my dear friends! I hope you’re having a great day. Today, I’ll be sharing the Let’s Talk Bookish topics for December 2019.

I’d like to say thank you to Megan @ Megabunny Reads and Lydia @ Lydia Schoch for suggesting topics! If you’d like to suggest a topic, you can use the form linked below, or you can always reach me through my Contact page.

I’m going to add the topics to the official page for LTB later today, and you can always go there to see this month and all the previous month’s topics.

Let’s get started!

December 6: How do you feel about content warnings? (suggested by Lydia @ Lydia Schoch)

Example: Do you think they should be added to books? Do you care about CWs? Which content warnings do you think should be required to be put on books?

December 13: How do you deal with problematic books?

Example: Do you read problematic books? Have you found out that some of your favorites are deemed problematic? What did you do about that? How did you accept the fact that your favorite books are xyz, or if you don’t accept it, why not?

December 20: Is there a time limit on spoilers? (suggested by Megan @ Megabunny Reads)

As Megan clarified: Harry Potter has been out for 20+ years, and it’s pretty impossible to discuss without spoilers for those who haven’t read it. What’s the time limit? A month? A year? Five years? Never?

December 27: Who do you think is qualified to write a book with diverse characters?

Example: Currently, there’s a strong push for diversity, and an author might decide to include diverse characters to help their book, even though 10 years ago, the book would have been non-diverse. Do you think that authors should feel this pressure? Should they have to write about diverse characters, when they haven’t personally experienced it, because they fear their book won’t get traction? Do you think someone who is not disabled/suffering from mental health issues/from a certain race should write about a character with those problems/from that race?

Do you know of any controversies going on in the bookish community right now? Is there a topic that you’d love to discuss? Or maybe there is something you want to see changed in the bookish community? Please share them with me for future LTB discussions in the google form below!!

Chat with me

That’s it! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy discussing these topics this month! Don’t be afraid to share your ideas using the form above, or you can always reach me through my Contact page! Until next time!


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