Tag Thursday – The Bookish Adventure Tag

Welcome everybody to my first book tag in a long time! Tag Thursday is where I scour the internet and all things bookish to find interesting ‘quizzes’ to answer so that you get to know more about me and my blog. Today, I bring to you The Bookish Adventure Tag created by the amazing Umairah @ Sereadipity! Make sure to check out her blog! I was tagged in February (yes it’s been a month and some days now) by Umairah so I’m sorry that it took me so long to do this!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Imagine that you are an intrepid literary adventurer- braving the harsh bookish wilderness, traversing jungles of pages and slashing through vines of words. Where in the vast world of books would you go?

  • Write about one place mentioned in a book you wish you could visit and why.
  • List 3-5 things that you would do there.
  • Mention which souvenirs, if any, you would bring back with you.
  • Then tag some more literary explorers and please link back to the creator (Umairah @ Sereadipity) so I can see all of your adventures!

I just finished Watching You by Lisa Jewell and I loved it! I’ve wanted to visit England for a long time and this book is set in Bristol. I’ve done a bit of research, and here are the three places that I’d love to visit if I could go!

I love history, so the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery would be at the top of my list!

I also loved the description of Melville Heights in the book, so I’d definitely want to visit it and see the beautiful town!

I’m a total Victorian Era geek and I would be beyond excited to tour Tyntesfield, “a Victorian Gothic Revival house”, that has some reportedly beautiful gardens! Just the thought of visiting the place is making me itch to get a ticket right away!

Souvenirs: I’m not really one for souvenirs, but if I would get anything, I’d probably go shopping and buy a lot of clothes and shoes. I’d also love a tasseled boot like Joey’s in the book.

I Tag:

Meeghan | Kay | Mel | Jenaca | Aoife

I hope you guys enjoy! If I haven’t tagged you but you still want to do the tag, go right ahead and do it, but make sure to link back to me and Umairah so that we can both check out your posts!

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