Rough Justice by Lisa Scottoline | Camino Island by John Grisham – Mini Review

Hello darlings, how are ya’ll doing today? I’m not having a migraine while trying to catch up on school and life having a great day if you’re wondering 😉 I’ve never had a reading slump (I think) so I’m not sure if that’s what I’m actually experiencing, but I’m having trouble reading books. All what I’m doing is skimming, and getting to the end because the story line seems meh. It’s really boring. Maybe I’ve read too many thrillers/crime? I would love to know what you think and any recommendations you have for humor books/light reads.

Anyway, during my reading slump that isn’t a reading slump, I read a Rosato and Associates (not Rosato and DiNunzio, mind you, I love those) novel by Lisa Scottoline which grated on my nerves, honestly. I also listened to a John Grisham book, Camino Island and I also disliked that one with good reason. I don’t feel like writing a whole review for each, so here you go: two mini ones.

Camino Island by John G.

Camino Island by John Grisham
  • It’s slow. The narrator is amazing. She’s the first person to ever penetrate my strict ‘No Audiobooks because I hate the narrators voice’ policy. However, the story, especially the part before we meet Mercer, is slow.
  • Not enough dialogue in the first half. There was some, and then it was all narration. Telling us about the heist, its aftermath, then about Bruce’s history…. basically, I was getting preached to.
  • Mercer is kind of annoying. She’s constantly complaining about how hard it is to write, and I get that (being a wannabe author, I totally get that). But, I don’t feel like she really put in any effort. Or maybe I was just bored with the story? (This is a whole week later after I initially started, and that’s a long time for me. It was boring.)
  • The plot wasn’t anything WOW! in my opinion. It’s just eh, some guys stole some manuscripts, then blah, then blah, Mercer is recruited to be a spy, then blah, then blah, her bad job at being a spy, her moral dilemma, then blah blah, and Bruce’s odd relationship life, then blah, then the ending.
  • Is this a story about a daring heist, or how to write a book when you have writer’s block? I mean, thanks for the advice Mr. Grisham, but this was so much more like a lecture than a book (at least a good portion of it.) Sorry, I didn’t take notes, professor, so that will explain why I flunked the test.
  • I hate the ending. As far as I’m concerned with that ending, justice was NOT served. I literally threw my phone (luckily into the couch) when Ms. LaVoy (the narrator) began reading the acknowledgements.


2 stars. I didn’t like it. It was just OK. Mr. Grisham has written better books and I’ll spend my time reading those. Sorry not sorry if this is a book you loved.

Rough Justice by Lisa S.

Rough Justice by Lisa Scottoline
  • I was so un-interested, I read only bits and pieces of it. The main reason I’m not doing a full review is because I probably skipped about 10-15 20% of the book. The story was supposed to span one evening to lunch of the next day. In my opinion, the book was a little too long. Maybe I would have liked it better if it was a novella?
  • I hated Marta Richter. I hated her as much as Mary did. I hated her as much as Judy did. She’s just plain bossy and a little stuck-up. She absolutely deserved to be manipulated by whatshisname Elliot Steere. And what’s up with her family history? I would have liked to know, not just get tiny snippets. (Or did I miss it in the part I skimmed?)
  • How un-plausible can a book be? Marta’s been in a courthouse all day before she goes to prove Steere is a murderer. She gets attacked. Her head is smashed on a table until she passes out. She gets shot at. She gets punched around that her ribs are bruised. She runs all over the city before she gets a car. She’s been out ALL (and I mean no sleep, except when she went unconscious) night long in a freaking blizzard digging in snow. She then hops a ride and inhales an unhealthy amount of carbon monoxide. After all this drama, (I’d be dead in the snow by this point) she’s still able to run all the way to City Hall (At a point, they still had FIVE blocks to go!) And no, she did not have anything to eat or drink all this while.
  • I didn’t care for the plot. End of story.
  • The only thing that worried me in the whole book, was Mary. I love Mary because of her personality (and possibly because she also seriously hates loathes Marta). And it made me hate Marta more for getting into this mess. If she can’t deal with being lied to about a client murdering someone, she shouldn’t be a criminal lawyer to start with*.
  • Bennie worries me. OK, Bennie AND Mary worried me. I get the whole ethical dilemma and what not Bennie, but please, do you have a heart? I know someone has to be a boss and set boundaries, but open your eyes, honey. One of your associates is in intensive care while the other is worried for her life, and your client (Marta) is missing, possibly kidnapped. I know you have a heart in there somewhere.

*I don’t agree that she should have kept quiet about Steere killing the guy. The guy deserves justice. However, she shouldn’t be representing criminals who may or may not have committed such crimes if she can’t deal with the fact that they may be actual criminals.


2 stars. (Because of Mary, I gave it one more)

And that’s it for this Mini Book Review. Any suggestions for my dilemma? And what do you guys think of these books (if you’ve read them)?

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