Tag Thursday – This or That Book Tag

Welcome everybody to Tag Thursday. Today’s tag is one I found @ Just Read Them called the This or That Book Tag. I’m excited to answer the questions because I love ‘this or that’ style games! Here we go:

Reading on the couch or on the bed:

On the bed, definitely! I love to snuggle in my blanket and prop the pillows.

Male main character or female main character:

Female, because I can relate more to how women/girls feel because I am one. But I like male characters, as well because its interesting to see what they really think of us women. (Haha)

Sweet snacks or salty snacks:

Sweet. I love sugar way too much. 😞

Trilogies or Quartets:

I don’t care. As long as it’s a book, I’ll read it.

First Person POV or Third Person:

First person. (I prefer first person most of the time, but third person is also great in certain books.)

Reading at night or in the morning:

At night. It’s usually colder at night and I get to snuggle even more. And there’s no screaming or fighting and all that stuff that makes reading during the day annoying.

Libraries or Bookstores:

Libraries. It’s calm and quiet and I don’t have to spend any money.

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry:

Books that make me laugh. Humor is great at all times.

Black book covers or White book covers:

Definitely white. White is peace and purity. Black…not so much.

Character driven or Plot driven:

Character driven. I hate books that have a great plot, but a terrible and immature cast of characters. It kills the book.

Bonus (Added by me 😁)

Hardback or Paperback:

Hardback! I just love the look and feel of hard covers, LOL.

E-book or Audio-book:

E-book. I was very disappointed when I realized an audio-book is only one narrator. (I thought it would be a movie without pictures.)

And that’s it friends. You can choose to do the Bonus questions I added, or leave them out if you want. πŸ˜ƒ I tag:

Ella @ Ella’s Book Corner

Kim @ Read with Kim

Kay @ Hammock of Books

Breanna @ Paws and Paperbacks

Ashley @ Bubbly Booknerd

Taylor @ Taylor Talks Books

Kerys @ The Everlasting Library

Rachel @ Typed Truths

And anyone else who wants to do it! Be sure to link-up in the comments, though!

Whew! That’s quite a list. But don’t worry, no pressure if you don’t want to do the tag. If you’ve done the tag, be sure to link to your post (not the homepage) in the comments below! And if you don’t have a blog, you can leave your answers done below anyway!

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